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Ooh feat. Christianne Jensen // Jon Bellion

14 notes   -  2 October 2014

So sick of being human

  -  28 September 2014

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My mother calls i have no time to talk, but i can find the time to drink and smoke. Took 15 hits till i can barely walk.”

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many-minded; many-sided; open-minded.

Etymology: Latin multi (many) + animus (mind).

[Artist Unknown]

"It’s too late dad you made your choice. Now go out there and show ‘em that you love ‘em more than us."

  -  28 August 2014

Please put your shows on and step into that warm weather
Get get yourself a more better forever
Gotta put it down, you gotta leave it
You don’t ever come back again, you gotta mean it
Just tear it all apart and build new
Because if you don’t kill him he’s gonna kill you
You can’t hold hands when they make fists and I ain’t the first to say this
But let me be the last to say
Please don’t stay
Let me be the last to say
You won’t be okay
Some day it’ll die and still won’t be done
The anger lives on through their son
Cuz he saw, he caught it all
A childhood of watching ma and pa get raw
Think about when you left him last time
Said out loud you’d never forget the past crime
And since you got it justified and returning
You convinced yourself he’s just a hurt person

  -  28 August 2014

So you wonder why we get high
It’s because of all of the lies
This isn’t how to live life
Nothing created but pain and agony
You’re less of a man than half of me
Trusting you makes you laugh at me
This book will never close
Everything you are below
Honor you cannot bestow
Deeper than the depths of your heart
Is how cold my skin feels 
And I want to rip you apart
And make it look like a piece of art
How could you do this?
To our family’s bliss
Emotional abuse
Tears come profuse
Karma catches up
You fall back
I get the last laugh

  -  28 August 2014

Lost, Lost, Lost
Let me find my way through my motivation
Let me give mom what she deserves
Let me marry the girl of my dreams
Let me give happiness to those I love
Let me make everything better

  -  28 August 2014


OD on THC to reach harmony 

  -  20 August 2014


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Atmosphere // Guarantees

304 notes   -  18 August 2014

Nowhere to be found when i’m down but show up when i’m winning
Left me to drown and now i’m swimming

  -  17 August 2014

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Dear God

245 notes   -  17 August 2014